Changes in europallet marking

Changes in europallet marking

 Changes in europallet marking


From August 1, EUR pallet exchange system will be divided into 2 parts.


In June, at the extraordinary meeting of the working group of Railways‘ International Union (UIC), the representatives were unable to agree on terms of their cooperation with the European Pallet Association (EPAL).

At an extraordinary meeting hold in Vienna the resolution to change the labeling of pallets (the so-called "OneBrand Strategy) was approved.Therefore, pallets will be labeled EPAL/EPAL instead of previously used EPAL/EUR labeling and UIC/EUR instead of the previously used MAV, Green Cargo, CD, OBB, HZ / EUR markings.

EPAL brand has become a symbol of pallet‘s quality in many European countries. The European Pallet Association controls the quality of over 80% of legally manufactured europallets.

EPAL/EPAL marking will enter into force from August 1st.


EPAL representatives recognized both markings as suitable for exchange. The response  of UIC working group is still awaited. EPAL remains open to talks with the UIC Working Group.


Now pallets are marked with EUR mark, which belong to the International Union of Railways.

From August 1st, pallet exchange system divides into 2 parts. Pallets will be marked with EPAL/EPAL and UIC/EUR marks.This change is relevant for many pallet users, as well as producers. EPAL promise to recognize the both markings, because as previously, pallets will be made ​​according to the same standards. There should not be the significant consequences for consumers, but it is important to know about the changes to avoid misunderstandings and disputes between the supplier and the recipient about reliability of the newly labeled pallets in the future.

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