Licensing Guide

European Pallet Association e.V.


1. You send an informal request to us for approval as manufacturer of EPAL flat europallets.

2. We send out various documents to you.

3. You are asked to sign the enclosed commitment after studying these documents and to send it back jointly with a copy of your business registration.

You are asked at the same time to transfer a one-off processing fee of € 650 to our account:


EPAL National Committee of Baltic States
Company code: 301450537
AB Swedbank
IBAN :LT587300010105208607

4. We process your application and instruct the inspection company


Bureau Veritas

Industry Services GmbH 
Veritaskai 1

21079 Hamburg, Germany
Tel.: +49 40 23625474
Faks.: +49 40 23625500


that they are now required to inspect your company.
To obtain the exact costs for the evaluation visit, please contact EPAL directly.


5. You arrange for an appointment with Bureau Veritas for inspection. At the date of inspection you shall prove that you possess of the following:

a) organised production site
b) various tools (saws etc.)
c) various machinery, if not integrated in an assembly line:
- cross cutting machine for boards (alternatively: purchase cut size)
- cross cutting machine for blocks (alternatively: purchase of composition blocks)
- planer (not mandatory)
- nail machine for assembly
- nail machine for decks
- chamfer equipment for bottom deck boards
- branding facility with branding plates
- corner cutter

As an alternative to automated production, manual production may be possible.
Therefore, the following is mandatory:


Accurate construction templates for the production of runners
Accurate construction templates for pallet deck
Accurate construction template for assembly
Accurate templates for the nail pattern
Nail equipment


The following applies basically for both types of production:


d) gauged material
e) nails approved to EPAL approval list
f) one copy of UIC code 435-2 and of the Technical Regulations of EPAL respectively
g) calibrated gauge (min. - max.) for thickness of boards
h) calibrated gauge (min. - max.) for width of boards
i) calibrated gauge (min. – max.) for total length and total width
j) calibrated gauge (min. – max.) for inner dimensions (inner deck boards)
k) calibrated gauge (min. – max.) for inner dimensions (among others centre bottom runner)
l) calibrated gauge (min. – max.) for height of entry
m) stapler (not mandatory, but advisable)
ATTENTION. If no stapler is available Bureau Veritas will charge extra for the supervision of stapling!

n) wood moisture probe
o) one hundred newly produced EPAL flat europallets as construction samples


6. Bureau Veritas sends its inspection report to us. When the inspection is positive, we send to you the mark licensing agreement with your registration number in duplicate.


7. You sign both copies and send them back to us.


8. We send one countersigned copy as well as your certificate of approval back to you.


9. You may commence the production of EPAL flat europallets immediately upon receipt of the EPAL certificate.


10. You report to Bureau Veritas the respective number of manufactured EPAL flat europallets and call them to inspect your EPAL flat europallets. This inspection is subjected to a charge.
When the inspection result is positive, you receive from Bureau Veritas EPAL-approved quality staples equivalent to the number of pallets submitted in the audit batch.

When the inspection result is negative, it has to be decided if the rejected EPAL flat europallets shall be corrected or if the marking shall be removed.


11. Bureau Veritas charges graduated inspection fees based of the accredited level of manufacture. To obtain more information on these fees, please contact EPAL directly, quoting your own production status (automated/manual).


12. You have the possibility to apply for approval of level 2 (internal control) after six months, provided that you can prove a record of continual production according to the standards and that there are no serious defects being stated in the inspection reports of Bureau Veritas during this period.

13. The annual membership fee by EPAL National Committee in Baltic States is 1000 EUR.


This permits the lawful use of the protected trademarks. In the first year the fee will be charged proportionately with effect from the date of the licensing.

In all member countries of EPAL the production of EPAL flat europallets without EPAL authorisation will be prosecuted.

National Committee of European Pallet Association e.V. in Baltic States


Update: August 2013

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