The Pallet Manufacturers and Repairers Association was established on December 10, 2007 (hereinafter - the Association). On June 18, 2009, extending the operational area, Association was admitted to the European Pallet Association (EPAL), as EPAL National Committee in Baltic States. This is a voluntary, non-profit organization. The association represents the interests of the members in public administration, media, also cooperates with similar foreign organizations engaged in activities. Currently, the Association brings together fifteen Baltic pallet manufacturers and repairers. This number is increasing as many producers are interested in the association activities and are interested in joining the Association.


Goals and Objectives


The Association unites its members on the basis of these common goals:

Coordination of operation of the members of the Association, representation of interests of the members of the Association and their protection at governmental and municipal institutions, other national and international organizations;

Promoting of mutual cooperation of the members of the Association and exchange of information seeking to ensure the rights of intellectual property of members of the Association and trade in pallets that meet the statutory requirements and standards;
Public education and training, provision with information on violations of the intellectual property rights of the members of the Association in order to form a positive public attitude towards the importance of intellectual property;
Informing the members of the Association on the measures of public institutions affecting the members, and taking actions with respect to such measures in such a way as it is decided by the members themselves;
Seeking its goals and without violating legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the Association shall engage in the types of activity listed below which are necessary for the attainment of legitimate goals formulated in clause 13 of the Statutes (activities under the Classification of Economic Activities):


• Publishing, printing, reproduction of recorded information media and information associated with the Euro pallets;
• Social sciences and humanities research and development activities in the area related to the Euro pallets;
• General advice and consulting on any matters associated with the Euro pallets in one or another way. Representation of the members of the Association at the court and other public institutions and in the relationships with private persons;
• Market research, public opinion polling and survey in the field associated with the Euro pallets;
• Public informing and education in the Euro pallet field;
• Cultural Activities.


The Board


Association is administered by the Association Board and Executive Director. The Board consists of members:

1. Mr. Saulius Stonys, Director of UAB "Julisa"
2. Ms. Tatyana Sargsyan, CEO of Business Development of UAB "Ramundas"
3. Mr. Arturas Dirgincius, Director of UAB "Alsena"

4. Mr. Villem Massur, Sales Manager of "Metrosystem" OÜ

5. Mr. Olegs Meduha, Manager of SIA "Pallet Timber Company"

On August 17, 2017 Mr. Saulius Stonys was elected as the Chairman of the Board.
The Chief Executive Officer of Association – Mr. Janas Likšo.

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